ConsumerMedical Announces Substantial Expansion in 2015

Company expands accounts, leadership and operations

PEMBROKE, Mass. (October 7, 2015) – ConsumerMedical, a leading medical decision support and expert opinion company, today announced it has achieved several significant growth milestones in the past nine months. The growth has occurred as the company’s services are increasingly sought by employers who see an opportunity to more deeply and effectively engage their employees in navigating the healthcare system.

As of December 2015, ConsumerMedical has signed new accounts increasing its total covered lives by 20% compared to year-end 2014. The company has brought on several senior executives and added leadership positions to expand product development, analytics, marketing and IT functions as well as additional sales leadership hires throughout the U.S. To support the expanded geographical growth and operations, ConsumerMedical recently opened a new regional office near Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“Our growth this year demonstrates that our patient-centric approach resonates with employers, who are realizing the importance and financial benefit of proactive employee education and engagement. Today’s consumers want to make sure they get a great value for their healthcare dollars, but with so much information at their fingertips, they need help sifting through the treatment options and making the best decisions for themselves and their families,” said David Hines, CEO and Founder, ConsumerMedical. “We’re committed to being a valuable resource for consumers facing critical healthcare decisions by arming them with information tailored to their individual needs and offering one-on-one support throughout their healthcare journey.”

About ConsumerMedical

Founded in 1996, ConsumerMedical™ is a pioneer in treatment decision support and expert medical opinion programs. The company’s Guided Patient Support program helps consumers answer the five most important questions in healthcare: What do I have? What do I need? Where do I go? What does it cost? and How do I connect? The company specializes in supporting consumers with tailored, comprehensive, up-to-date information and clinical expertise for their medical conditions, diagnoses and treatment options. By empowering consumers to make educated decisions about their healthcare needs, ConsumerMedical serves as a catalyst for better patient experiences and higher satisfaction, while guaranteeing financial return on investment for its employer clients. To learn more, visit