ConsumerMedical Celebrates 20th Anniversary with New Brand

PEMBROKE, Mass. (March 2, 2016) – ConsumerMedical, a leading provider of medical decision support, expert medical opinion and concierge health support services, is pleased to celebrate 20 years in business supporting employees and their families at some of the nation’s top employers since 1996. With their 20th anniversary, the company is launching an evolutionary corporate brand that honors its existing mission as a trusted healthcare partner that puts the power for better, evidence-based medical decisions in the hands of patients, while helping employers drive cost reductions and improve quality.

“For 20 years, we’ve been there for the healthcare decisions that matter most to individuals. ConsumerMedical is a medical ally that empowers employees and their families to make better medical decisions at every point in their healthcare journey. Our new brand reflects our position as a trusted partner to both employers and their employees,” said David Hines, ConsumerMedical CEO and Founder.

In 1996, Hines had a close friend who received poor quality care because she was not given the latest, best practice treatment option for her cancer. If she had had a medical ally like ConsumerMedical to provide objective and independent clinical support, her decision would have been very different and the result a far better one. This was the catalyst that prompted Hines to create a company focused on providing clinical decision support and advocacy services, with the hope that future patients could have better results.

Today, the company has gained recognition among the nation’s leading employers as an essential benefit to help reduce healthcare costs while improving quality. Its team of leading physicians, researchers, and highly-trained Registered Nurses empowers patients and caregivers with current, clinically-relevant information curated for their unique needs and backed by one-on-one support throughout the entire healthcare journey.

“Nearly 1.5 million consumers rely on our services to guide their most important healthcare decisions, and that number is growing rapidly. With engagement of up to 10 times the industry average, our validated results deliver a $4:1 return on investment. Along with our 100% guarantee on cost-savings, this has really resonated with employers and consultants alike. Today’s healthcare system is placing more and more responsibility on consumers, and we plan to be there to help millions more employees and their families, well into the future,” said Hines.

About ConsumerMedical
ConsumerMedical™ is a pioneer in treatment decision support programs, offering trusted clinical expertise and personalized research, expert opinion and concierge health support to empower individuals to make educated decisions about their health and healthcare. The company’s guided patient support program helps consumers answer the five most important questions in healthcare: What do I have? What do I need? Where do I go? What does it cost? and How do I cope? For 20 years, the company has provided employees and their dependents with the personalized information and support they need to navigate the healthcare system and become more confident healthcare consumers. To learn more, visit