How We Work

Through our decades of experience supporting patients, we have learned there are five key areas of support that help ensure people get the best quality and highest-value care—which in turn means better outcomes and lower costs.

The 5 Drivers of QUALITY CARE

After more than 20 years of experience, we have learned that when they are well-informed and engaged around five key dimensions of care, patients achieve the highest quality of care and best outcomes.


Confirmation of accurate diagnosis and better understanding of condition


Top-ranked experts with the relevant experience


Evidence-based medicine tailored to individual preferences


Highest-quality facility or Center of Excellence for surgery or treatment


Emotional, family, community, and workplace support



Experienced Medical Ally Team

Our physician-led team of healthcare professionals is ready to assist individuals
and families on any issue at any point in the healthcare journey.

Physician Ally

  • Reviews all cases & research content
  • Participates in patient/family conference calls
  • Develops custom questions to ask doctors

Nurse Ally

  • Primary contact; provides dedicated ongoing coaching
    and support

Expert Opinion Ally

  • Collects medical records
  • Gathers personal preferences
  • Researches physician qualifications
  • Contacts physician offices
  • Schedules appointments

Research Ally

  • Curates customized, evidence-based research and information
  • Personal preferences considered

Claims Ally

  • Answers EOB and coverage questions, researches and resolves billing errors
  • Supports any participant questions
Participants receive the support they need to navigate the complex healthcare system and make medical decisions with confidence.