How We Work

How We Work

Patient Information

Responsive, Dedicated Support

Our physician-led team of healthcare professionals is ready to assist individuals and families on any issue at any point in the healthcare journey.

Decision Support Specialist

  • Primary contact; provides dedicated ongoing coaching and support


  • Curates customized, evidence-based research and information
  • Personal preferences considered


  • Reviews all cases & research content
  • Participates in patient/family conference calls
  • Develops custom questions to ask doctor

A simple member experience, longitudinal and unlimited

Patient Reaches Out

  • Dedicated decision-support specialist provides assistance
  • Intake completed
  • Personal, secure web page created

Case Reviewed and Researched

  • Staff physician evaluates case
  • Custom diagnostic research conducted
  • Evidence-based, just-in-time questions to ask your doctor provided

Guidance Delivered

  • Tailored information shared via secure web portal or home delivery

Unlimited Follow-Up

  • Ongoing support and research available from patient’s dedicated team

5 Questions

Every Patient Should Ask
We help you understand the five most critical questions in healthcare.