How We Work

Experienced Medical Ally Team

Our physician-led team of healthcare professionals is ready to assist individuals and families on any issue at any point in the healthcare journey.

Nurse Ally

  • Primary contact; provides dedicated ongoing coaching and support

Physician Ally

  • Reviews all cases & research content
  • Participates in patient/family conference calls
  • Develops custom questions to ask doctors

Expert Opinion Ally

  • Collects medical records
  • Gathers personal preferences
  • Researches physician qualifications
  • Contacts physician offices
  • Schedules appointments

Research Ally

  • Curates customized, evidence-based research and information
  • Personal preferences considered

The Medical Ally Clinical Process

In our decades of experience supporting patients, we have learned there are five key areas of support to ensure people get the best quality, highest value care, which in turn means better outcomes and lower costs.
We call these the 5 Drivers of Quality™.