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Ally Complete Support

Ally Complete Support offers a comprehensive treatment decision support and expert opinion program that supports patients at any point in their healthcare journey and all along the way. Program components include:

Medical Decision Support®and Expert Opinion

High-touch, compassionate support from a physician-led team of RNs, Medical Researchers, Expert Opinion and Claims Support Allies:

  • Any and all conditions, with a Surgery Decision Support® component for those high-cost, preference-sensitive conditions and procedures:
    • Lower Back Surgery
    • Hip Replacement
    • Knee Replacement
    • Weight Loss Surgery
    • Hysterectomy
  • Evidence-based treatment information, tailored questions to ask the doctor, multiple support touchpoints
  • Comprehensive Expert Opinion support, including In-Person and Remote Opinions
  • Medical records collection, pathology review and appointment scheduling
  • Turn-key engagement programs, including communications, incentives and an optional requirement program
  • Integration with care management, provider networks/COEs, health plans and PBMs, wellness and EAP partners, on-site health clinics
  • Multi-channel program access: phone, email, chat, text, web, mail
  • Extensive customer reporting and dashboards
  • Verified savings and impact analysis with option for claims-based analysis
  • 100% savings guarantee

Additional Services Available

Predictive Outreach™: Proprietary predictive model helps identify and rank those most at risk for preference-sensitive surgeries; enables proactive, targeted outreach and increases program engagement.

Claims-based savings analysis: Independent, rigorous assessment of Surgery Decision Support® ROI based on actual claims data.

Claims advocacy and resolution support: Supports participants with medical billing issues; understanding EOBs and confirming out-of-pocket costs; navigating denials and appeals, and more.

Ally Expert Opinion

Ally Expert Medical Opinion connects patients to the highest quality providers and medical experts to confirm current diagnosis and treatment plans, consider alternative treatment options, and make more informed choices about their health. Our program combines the benefits of both in-person and remote expert medical opinions. Program components include:

In-Person Expert Opinion:

  • Leveraging our physician quality algorithm spanning data from over 5 billion predominantly commercial claims on outcomes and experience for 95% of U.S. physicians.
  • 3-Elite Physician Match considers the patient’s unique condition, preferences and needs.
  • Expert Opinion Allies verify credentials and confirm insurance coverage and new patient/appointment availability.

Remote Expert Opinion:

  • Consults with specialists from leading medical institutions from around the country when an in-person consult is not possible or convenient for the patient. Partners include Cleveland Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham & Women’s Hospital and more.
  • Medical records collection, pathology review and appointment scheduling included.
  • Unlimited high-touch, concierge support from our physician-led Ally Expert Opinion Team, including questions to ask the physician, medical records collection, appointment setting.
  • Education on value of high-performing physicians.

  • Data filtered to include physicians affiliated with high-performance networks and COEs.
  • Multi-channel program access: phone, email, chat, text, web, mail
  • Customer reporting and dashboards
  • Estimated Savings analysis

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